Hale Farm & Village - Rentals Manager


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Akron, OH 




per year

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Full time



Job Description:

RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible to the Director and Director of Sales & Marketing at Hale Farm & Village for overseeing all site rental activities at Hale Farm & Village.

CLASSIFICATION: This position is classified as full-time, professional, and the incumbent is exempt from overtime compensation.

Evenings and weekends are required.

SUPERVISION: Hale Farm & Village Rental Lead, Rental Staff, as well as volunteers and/or interns.


Coordinates closely with the Hale Farm & Village Director of Sales & Marketing to develop site usage sales strategies. Coordinates financial reporting and administrative support with the HFV/WRHS Business Office. Maintains good relationships with preferred caterers, vendors and distributors. Contributes to and participates in collaborative efforts between HFV and other WRHS departments and sites. Offers ideas and suggestions for expanding and maintaining rentals efforts across the institution.



Facility Rentals:


Expand HFV opportunities to earn income from facility rentals

  • Sell site for rental and group tours

  • Conducts Site tours of Hale Farm throughout the year to interested rental and group tour clients on a one-on-one basis.

  • Prepare, organize and maintain all site rental contracts, payments and orders.

  • Coordinates with client, caterer and vendors all logistics for the event.

  • Works closely with department director to place all alcohol orders, maintain inventory records and charge client promptly and accordingly

  • Prepare, coordinate, and process reservation databases for special programs, rentals and group tours as needed

  • Coordinates with Director of Sales & Marketing, Retail Sales Manager, visitor bureaus, and tourist councils to host group sales-related FAM tours

  • Attends Bridal Shows as deemed necessary and constructively looks for partnerships and events that will promote HFV site rental business

  • Coordinates with other departments to take advantage of retail and wholesale opportunities, particularly HFV craft and trade products

  • Supports and contributes ideas and information to the HFV section of the WRHS website, and social media as it relates to rental sales.

Maintains the highest level of customer service:

  • Coordinates customer service activities with Director, Director of Sales & Marketing and Retails Sales Manager

  • Develops and train an efficient, dedicated rentals team:

    • Prepares work schedules

    • Enforces dress code and other codes of conduct

    • Implement training procedures

  • Evaluates job performance of employees per WRHS policy

  • Develop personal relationships with customers and vendors

  • Places special orders and maintains a quality working relationship with vendors, caterers and planners

  • Maintains a customer database for site visits, direct mailing lists and contracted customers

Controls rental operating expenses and complies with WRHS/HFV accounting systems and procedures:

  • Follows procedures to provide sales, contracts and receipts to the business office on a timely basis

  • Controls all operating expenses including, but not limited to, salary cost, supplies, alcohol and equipment

  • Responsible for collection on owed payments from, renters, caterers and vendors

Food Service

  • Works with Retail Sales Manager and Director of Sales & Marketing as necessary for HFV event food service orders.

Group Sales


  • Expand HFV opportunities for group and corporate visits, including but not limited to; motor coach tours, customized experiences, all-inclusive catering packages, health and wellness activities, and corporate outings.

    Coordinates Gatehouse use with Retail Sales Manager and Education Manager to develop group tour options that include broader site usage.

  • Prepare, coordinate, and process reservation databases for special programs, and group tours.

  • Coordinate with Director of Sales & Marketing, Retail Sales Manager, visitor bureaus, and tourist councils to host group sales-related FAM tours


  • Job-related skills include, but are not limited to; goal oriented, ability to take initiative, creative, and good communication skills.

  • Ability to walk/stand for long periods of time is necessary.

  • Ability to manage time effectively is critical, and ability to thrive within a team environment is essential.

  • Bachelor's Degree preferred; Degree in Sales, Marketing, Hospitality or a related field preferred, but not necessarily required.

  • Minimum three years of previous sales experience in a museum, non-profit or retail operation desirable, preferred.

  • Experience working with the public required.

  • Essential personality traits include enthusiasm, dependability, flexibility, integrity.

  • Qualified candidates must subscribe to the highest levels of customer service.

To apply please send resume and cover letter to Janet Waterman.

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Western Reserve Historical Society

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