The Secret is Out!

Posted: 06.24.2015

Okay, the secret got out, so we've soft launched the new early.

We're actually undergoing a series of really exciting upgrades right now. This new platform has all the bells and whistles you would expect and more, including Custom Qualifying Sourcing Questions and Limited Multilingual in over 12 Languages. But, that's not all, over the coming weeks we'll be adding cool talent sourcing tools like Facebook and Linkedin integrations, to help Employers source awesome talent like the valued job weekers who have been using the site since 2002.

The word got out, so we decided to launch the base site early and let you in on the secret.  

And why not? The new site is already much further ahead of many other sites serving the NGO and Non-Profit Sectors. I don't want to get too salesy here, but there's a free trial option Employers can select to start attracting qualified candidates anytime. But don't wait too long because we're only offering the free trial for a limited time.

Jobseekers, you can register for free but if you want a little more exposure to Employer, well, that's an option too.

About the future We would like to keep you informed as the additional features and cool talent sourcing features like Facebook and Linkedin integrations are added on the coming weeks and months, just make sure to indicate that you would like to receive updates in your profile or when you register. 

As a matter of fact, since we are in development mode, can you please let me know what features and tools you believe would help you source and recruite the awesome talent you are looking for? Please feel free to send us your suggestions using the site's contact form.

​​We're on a mission to bring good causes and good people together, but it's not a secret anymore!

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