Is "Rich" a Bad Word?

Posted: 06.23.2015
It may depend on who you talk to but here, when it comes to helping NGOs and Non-Profits find the best talent or helping you find your best job, we believe having a "Feature Rich" job board is the way to go. 

We're on a mission to bring good causes and good people together!

And, that's why we've just launched the new version of on an entirely new feature rich job board platform and we'll be introducing many new and exciting features over the coming weeks.

The site already offers all the tools and features you can expect in a job board, like:
  • Job Alerts
  • Private Messaging And Notifications
  • Qualifying Questionnaries
  • Employer Sub Accounts
  • Mutlilungual in over 12 languages (limited)
  • Employer Reports
  • Enhanced Visibility Options for Employers and Job Seekers
  • Detailed Job Posting
  • Free Resume Posting
  • Effective Resume Search
  • Online Job Applications
  • Effective Job Search and Advanced Job Search
  • Application Tracking
  • Easy Job Browsing And Viewing
And we have a lot more planned to connect good people like you with other good people who can make a difference in your life, and the life of others. 

Watch for additional features and cool talent sourcing features like Facebook and Linkedin integrations to be added in the coming weeks. If you want to be in the loop, just make sure to indicate that you would like to receive updates in your profile or when you register. 

We're on a mission to bring good causes and good people together!

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